These tutorials will walk through some of the iOS developer trainings found here.

In the first tutorial (Starting with iOS), we'll use vanilla RubyMotion to help you get your bearings. After that, we'll take a quick run through some important tools that improve on the vanilla RubyMotion development experience. And finally we'll chug through some trainings using using those tools and taking occasional detours as needed. Enjoy!

Starting with iOS

In these lessons we'll explore the basics of developing for iOS with RubyMotion. Much like the first Android lessons, we'll not use any 3rd party help so that we can get familiar with the Apple way as a reference point.


Next we'll take a cruise through some great 3rd-party tools, add-ons and the like. The greatness of RubyMotion lies in the greatness of the community. And the community has built some fantastic things!

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