Brain; meet stick.

I'm a graduate student at Charles University studying physics and generally having a pretty good time.

Right now I’m transitioning from my Master’s degree focus (MRI research) to more theoretical endeavors. I’m splitting my time about 50/50 between my advisor’s work in group-theoretical approaches to understanding ferroic phase transitions (Phys. Rev. Let.), and my own ideas in something that I call physical algebra (2017 March Meeting).

Before switching to theoretical physics, I was doing research in the field of magnetic resonance imaging and before that I was an undergraduate at BYU and worked with two research groups. I've always held a dual interest in medicine and physics so with the one group I learned X-ray crystallography and with the other I learned about Proteomics. Below you'll see a short summary of the three papers I've helped author.

Evaluation of pre-reconstruction interpolation methods for iterative reconstruction of radial k-space data

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Tian Y, Erb KC, Adluru G, Likhite D, Pedgaonkar A, Blatt M, Kamesh Iyer S, Roberts J, DiBella E

Revisiting the CuPt3 prototype and the L13 structure

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Chumani Mshumi, Candace I Lang, Lauren R Richey, KC Erb, Conrad W Rosenbrock, Lance J Nelson, Richard R Vanfleet, Harold T Stokes, Branton J Campbell, Gus LW Hart

Mspire-simulator: LC-MS shotgun proteomic simulator for creating realistic gold standard data

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Andrew B Noyce, Rob Smith, James Dalgleish, Ryan M Taylor, KC Erb, Nozomu Okuda, John T Prince