The Fam

Shelyse and I were married almost 6 years ago just after I finished my Bachelor's degree. We have two children Audrey (4) and Preston (2). This little group is my family and the core of my life. I have to make this clear from the get-go because if anyone is going to learn about me from a distance they have to learn that my family comes first.

A Little About Us

We live in Prague, Czechia because I’m a graduate student at Charles University. I work part time from home as a software developer. When I’m done with school we hope someday to get a few acres of land and put a little home on it. We want our kids to grow up in a place that encourages them to get outside and play and explore.

Shelyse is a traditional stay-at-home Mom and I couldn’t be happier with her choice. I’m very grateful for a loving and supportive wife who is willing to make that sacrifice for me and for our children.

The primary reason for this family-centered approach is that we’re Mormons. Mormons believe that the family is central to God’s plan for His children’s happiness both in this life and the one to come. I’m confident that the joy and fulfillment we’ve experienced in these last few years of life is a direct result of our centering our lives on the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I’ve seen so much of His influence and grace in my life and in my family members’ lives that I just can’t mention them without, at the very least, mentioning Him.

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